zanida art nouveau metalwork (pewter, jugendstil zinn)


Orivit (1898-1905)
orivit inkwell


The Orivit factory was founded in Cologne (Germany) in 1894 by Ferdinand Hubert Schmitz. The brandname Orivit was introduced in 1898 and was primarily meant for their (silverplated) pewterware. Soon however, other materials as brass, copper and mountings for porcelain and glass were also stamped Orivit.

Their participation in the 1900 Paris World Exhibition was a great succes and the firm was awarded a gold medal. Some of the important designers that worked for Orivit are Hermann Gradl, Walter Scherf and Georges Coudray. After producing all sorts of metalware with great succes, the firm collapsed in 1905 and was taken over by WMF. They produced Orivit products for some 25 years on.

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detail from butter dish


orivit dish


orivit jardiniere
orivit sauce boat


orivit small plate
orivit tea pot
orivit picture frame
orivit candle holder
orivit tray
orivit matchbox holder
orivit spoon
detail from dish
orivit bottle stand
orivit clothes brush
orivit sugar basin
orivit cakebasket
orivit preserve dish
orivit dish
orivit coffee pot
orivit dish
orivit butter dish
orivit milk jug
Orivit glass holder
orivit crumb tray
detail from plate
orivit crumbscoop
orivit cake server
orivit bottle stand
orivit tray
orivit coffee pot
orivit tray
orivit candlestick
orivit liquor cups
orivit bowl
orivit cork stopper
orivit tray
orivit table spoon
detail from orivit picture frame
orivit butter dish
orivit basket orivit dish
orivit dish orivit small dish